About CityBOX

CityBOX is now imported and distributed in Australia by Motexion Australia. Here is a history of the CityBOX company and concept, that goes back 135 years in Europe.

CityBOX is a Dutch company, 1880s

Established under the name Eerste Netherlandsche Houten Wielen Fabriek H J Van Rooyen en Zn in the 1880s, it first produced wooden wheels and other wood products.

Years later, after many name changes and restructures, the company began developing bodies for coaches and loading platforms for lorries, as well as producing a range of touring cars.


In 1988, the company turned its focus to manufacturing modifications for light commercial vehicles – double cabins, raised roofs, and furnishing and lining of loading platforms.

The following year, the first closed and fully finished body left the factory – and the CityBOX was born. In the first year of production, 400 CityBOXes were delivered to dealers.


In 1996, after a management buyout, the company CityBOX was established. Market share increased significantly, and exports grew as the company was able to manufacture closed loading platforms for any make of chassis cabin.


In 2008, production facilities were expanded to cope with demand.

CityBox is now the market leader in the Netherlands and provides its closed loading platforms to a range of companies including Iveco, General Motors, Mitsubishi Motors and Renault Trucks.


In 2015, CityBOX started selling and distributing its CityBOX for the Renault Master Platform Cab in Australia.

Here is a link to the parent company in Europe – www.city-box.com/uk